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An introduction

We are committed to helping clients unlock the benefits of cutting-edge geo-data in support of the development of offshore energy. This commitment is realised by leveraging the diverse skillsets of our world class specialists in data acquisition and analysis.

Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art technology and dedicated vessels, our experienced team supports clients to make informed, data-driven decisions through geophysical, geotechnical and environmental marine surveys.

From our headquarters in Cork Harbour we offer a comprehensive survey and consultation service to industry sectors with an interest in marine environment.


As champions of technological advances in offshore energy development, we offer a diverse range of services, from geophysical data collection to customised data processing.


We offer bespoke seabed surveys, including the acquisition and processing of high-resolution, full coverage bathymetric and backscatter data. Our advanced fleet of survey vessels, custom Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), and industry leading echosounder technology mean we can collect superior data even in challenging locations and adverse metocean conditions.


We can provide a diverse and complementary suite of geophysical data to assess and de-risk any type of site. Specific services include sub-bottom profiling, hazard detection, site suitability assessments, UXO clearance surveys, and cable route surveying.

Above-water data collection

We can complement our cutting-edge marine data with above-water data collection via aerial surveys and laser scanning. These data facilitate geospatial assessments of ecology, anthropogenic activities, infrastructure or coastal geomorphology. Above-water data can be compiled with our own marine data to create a continuous dataset.


We can provide effective geotechnical surveys that can be optimised with our own bespoke hydrographic and geophysical surveys to provide maximally useful information with minimal financial and environmental costs. Services include sediment sampling (grabs and cores), Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT), and borehole sampling.

Processing and analysis

All our customised data options can be processed for immediate use in the Green Rebel Marine offices using advanced high-speed networking and state-of-the-art software. Our powerful processing assets and diverse suite of software options enable us to deliver raw files in many formats, plus cleaned data that is ready for assessment.


With expertise in offshore renewable energy development, our survey department can leverage a diverse set of expertise to offer aid in planning and many aspects of site assessment. We can offer professional reports advising on many aspects of marine planning and data acquisition including: data mining, potential ecological and wildlife disturbance, geomorphic assessments, geological history and stratigraphy, and geohazards.


Interested in joining our team of industry leaders and playing a part in revolutionising the marine survey and consultancy industry? To find out more about current career opportunities, get in touch using the contact form below.

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